Swedish Massage
Swedish Massage melts away stress and enhances circulation; assisting your body in releasing tension and flushing out metabolic waste. This is a great session for beginners who want to experience massage for the first time.

Chair Massage
Chair Massage is a great way to get a quick tune up. Clients are fully clothed and sit in an ergonomic, comfortable massage chair. Chair massage is perfect for on site events such as corporate wellness days, health fairs and parties.

Essential Oils have been used for thousands of years to promote health and wellness. Experience the benefits of these herbal extracts with your massage session.

Pregnancy Massage
Perfect for treatment for the mom-to-be! This session relives the aches experiences as a result of the natural changes that occur during pregnancy.

Sports Massage
Athletes of any level benefit from having regular sports massage as part of their workout routine. Sports massages decreases recovery time and helps prevent & detect sports related injuries before they become more serious problems.

Thai Massage
Thai Massage increases flexibility and promotes relaxation through stretching and deep massage. Clients wear loose fitting clothes to allow for free range of motion. Sessions can be performed on the table or on the floor.

Shiatsu Massage
Similar to Thai Massage but unique in its own right. Shiatsu works at reducing stress and tension physically and energetically. Techniques are applied along the energy meridians (same as the acupuncture meridians) with the intention of releasing stagnant Qi (pronounced "chee") and balancing the body.

Hot Stone Massage
Absolutely superb! This style of massage uses heated basalt massage stones to deeply relax muscular tensions.

Reflexology Massage
Our bodies are created from a single cell that underwent a process of cellular division and differentiation. With this in mind, all cells are intimately interconnected. In reflexology, the hands and feet have been mapped out, each containing areas that correspond to particular structures of the body. By thoroughly massaging the hands or feet, the client will experience benefits throughout the entire body. Try a reflexology treatment today and discover the profound effect of this modality.

Energy Work
Energy work focuses on channeling universal energy into the body by laying hands on certain areas of the body. This modality is extremely soothing and is excellent for people who are stressed and overwhelmed or who for those who have experienced trauma in their lives. Some clients report feeling warmth or tingling where the therapist is working, while others simply feel deeply relaxed and nourished. Energy work facilitates greater flow of chi within the body, bringing overall balance and alleviating energy stagnation.

Body Mobilization Techniques (BMTs)
Body Mobilization Techniques combine compression with movement in order to improve range of motion and target deeper muscles. BMTs are an excellent addition to any session, and are especially useful for athletes or people that prefer more active treatments.

Trigger Point Massage
Trigger points are small areas within the muscle belly that are tight and tender. When compressed these areas of tension may refer pain to other areas. This massage technique focuses on finding these areas of tension and releasing them. This style of massage is excellent for individuals that have chronic pain or prefer deeper, more precise bodywork.

Types of Massage

Explore the melange of styles Meera offers.

Deep Tissue Massage
Deep Tissue Massage is excellent for individuals that enjoy more pressure or that have chronic problems. Clients experience longer-lasting benefits as this modality works with the deeper, structural muscle and fascial layers.